Do you ever wonder whether Invisalign is the right treatment option for your crooked teeth? Of course, other options are available to treat crooked teeth, including braces. But, which option is the best for you?

According to many orthodontists, Invisalign is the best way to treat many orthodontic problems. It uses a custom-made set of clear aligners worn on the teeth’s surface to help fix their problems. Unfortunately, there is still a misconception that Invisalign cannot treat crooked teeth, which has made people shy away from this excellent treatment.

So, does Invisalign work for crooked teeth? Let us answer this question with information about the benefits of seeking this treatment option and why it is an excellent future investment for your crooked teeth.

Benefits of Invisalign Treatment

It Can Prevent Dental Damage Down the Track

If your teeth bite against each other abnormally, you would benefit from orthodontic treatment. Such bites can cause irregular pressure on specific teeth and erode the enamel. These effects are seen after a few years when the teeth develop sharp/irregular edges, which can be very noticeable and easily detected by your tongue. Invisalign braces can align both upper and lower teeth and prevent wearing down the teeth while preserving healthy tooth structure. 

Treatment using Invisalign also reduces the risk of tooth decay. Crooked teeth provide an environment conducive for cavities since they accumulate bacteria that could be hard to reach through brushing teeth or flossing. Seeking Invisalign might be the best option for you because they are easily removable; making oral hygiene practices easy during treatment.

It Gives You a Beautiful, Professional Smile

Crooked teeth, at times, cause your smile to be narrow. When your smile is narrow, six or fewer teeth appear when smiling, and your cheeks are not well supported. This can affect the facial structure and overall aesthetics. Narrow smiles may not cause an alarm for medical problems, but most would regard a broader smile as more appealing.  

Invisalign treatment may last for six to 18 months, but results are seen gradually. Teeth are moved into position gently over time to create the desired result. For instance, if the teeth are crooked, little by little, they will begin to space out and sit side by side, thereby achieving that perfect, beautiful smile that will maintain your professional appearance.

It Can Ease Jaw Tension and Pain

If you wake up with tension headaches, sore teeth, and a tight jaw, you are probably grinding and/or clenching your teeth during your sleep. Over time this develops into what is commonly referred to as TMJ disorder. Crooked teeth, missing teeth and a bad bite could all contribute to jaw tension and pain disorder. Misalignment caused by crooked teeth could result in one side of your mouth being subjected to more biting force, creating a strain that leads to jaw tension and pain. The pain can vary in severity, but for most patients, treatment is required to resolve the problem. Fortunately enough, if it is orthodontics that you need, Invisalign could be the treatment of choice for most adults.

The aligners are worn 20 to 22 hours a day during treatment, even while you sleep. They serve as a barrier between your upper and lower jaw during the night, preventing your teeth from wearing down if you grind them against each other as you sleep. As Invisalign improves your bite over time, you should experience less neck and facial pain. 

It Can Make You Fall In Love with Your Smile

A smile is the best outfit that you can wear. We often find people with crooked teeth will try to hide them and simply cannot smile with ease and confidence. Multiple studies have shown that having a beautiful smile increases your self-confidence and happiness. Thankfully with the latest technologies developed by Invisalign, you can straighten your crooked teeth discreetly. Let us help you design a smile you are proud of!   

Get Rid of Your Crooked Teeth with Dana Street Dental

The dedicated team at Dana Street Dental is available to answer any of your concerns. Our team is highly trained to offer tailor-made solutions to guarantee your comfort and safety. We offer a wide range of cosmetic solutions such as Invisalign, conventional braces as well as dental veneers. We can help you achieve the perfect smile. Do you want to straighten your crooked teeth using Invisalign? Talk to us to schedule a consultation today.

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