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Whether you need Invisalign rubber bands is a common question for anyone considering getting Invisalign aligners. Many people are also surprised that they may need rubber bands with Invisalign, but there are times when this extra step can be important.

Fortunately, for anyone getting Invisalign because they don’t want to look like they have braces, most rubber bands used with this method don’t show when you smile.

What Are Invisalign Rubber Bands?

You’re probably thinking, “why do you wear rubber bands with Invisalign?” After all, one of the biggest reasons to get this particular form of teeth straightening system from us at Dana Street Dental is because the clear aligners aren’t apparent like braces.

But Invisalign still uses rubber bands in some cases, and they’re hooked to small “buttons” that are glued onto the teeth. They’re generally used on the back teeth, though, so they won’t appear like the rubber bands on more traditional braces would.

Purpose of Invisalign Rubber Bands

These rubber bands treat any discrepancy you might have in your bite. In other words, if you have an underbite or overbite, these rubber bands can help realign your jaw and make it easier for you to chew more comfortably.

Making sure your bite is comfortable, and your teeth fit together correctly is vital to avoid tooth damage. Too much pressure on specific teeth could cause them to wear excessively, crack or break. Proper alignment can help reduce these risks.

Invisalign Rubber Bands for Overbite

If you have an overbite, the lower part of your jaw is set back compared to your top half when you bite down. Small overbites aren’t usually a problem, but larger ones can affect your ability to chew, your appearance as well as cause pain and pressure in your jaw joint. Invisalign rubber bands can help move your lower jaw forward.

Invisalign Rubber Bands for Underbite

An underbite is the opposite of an overbite and means your lower jaw is further forward than your upper jaw. This can make eating difficult and cause complications and pain. With rubber bands for Invisalign, you can gently move your jaw back into place and have a more comfortable eating experience.

Invisalign Rubber Bands for Anterior Open Bites

Anterior open bites also need to be realigned as much as possible. Invisalign is designed to straighten the teeth themselves, but the rubber bands add to the value that Dana Street Dental can offer you. The correct placement of rubber bands makes jaw realignment easier.

Invisalign Rubber Bands for Preserving Bite

If you have a bite that’s in great shape, you don’t want to change that when you straighten your teeth. With that in mind, sometimes people use rubber bands with Invisalign to keep the bite they currently have.

Why Do You Need Invisalign Rubber Bands?

Even though the Invisalign clear aligners are all that’s needed to straighten your teeth, they aren’t made to adjust your jaw or bite. That’s what the rubber bands are for. Not everyone needs them, but they’re relatively common for people who use Invisalign. Since they’re typically on the back teeth, they don’t get in the way, and you can still take your clear aligners out when needed.

How Long Should You Wear Invisalign Rubber Bands?

Everyone is different regarding how long they should wear rubber bands with Invisalign. Some people may only need to wear them for a few months, while others will have to wear them for a much more extended period. At Dana Street Dental, we can help you find the right options for straightening your teeth and adjusting any bite issues.

Get in Touch With Dana Street Dental Today

When you’re ready to see how Invisalign can help you, reaching out to us at Dana Street Dental is a great start. We can talk about Invisalign and other opportunities to give you a great smile you’re comfortable with. Whether you have problems with your bite or want to make your teeth straighter, we’re here to help.

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