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Fast and Effective Teeth Straightening

Are you looking for a safe, fast and effective way to enhance the alignment of your smile? The Inman aligner system may be ideal for you. We’re happy to offer this convenient orthodontic treatment at Dana Street Dental. So, if you’re looking for a dentist to talk to about the Inman Aligner in Ballarat, you’re in the right place!

This single removable device is designed to gently move your front teeth into alignment. The Inman aligner is mostly clear, removable and makes for the perfect solution for the crowding or protrusion of front teeth. What’s more, it can guide your teeth into the desired position within a matter of weeks!

Whilst this method of teeth-straightening isn’t suitable for all orthodontic cases, there are many cases where it is. This simple and effective treatment is often done in conjunction with cosmetic dentistry treatments, for example, teeth whitening and composite bonding.

Inman Aligner Benefits

The Inman Aligner offers patients a range of benefits, including:

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How the Inman Aligner Works

This removable appliance applies gentle pressure to your teeth to move them into their desired position gently over time. The majority of the aligner is clear with the brace hidden behind your teeth – there is only a small discrete bar that will be visible during your (short) treatment.

The aligner consists of nickel-titanium coil springs that power two opposing aligner bows, responsible for shifting your teeth. Though the forces are gentle, they are active over a large range, which is why this system makes straightening your smile in such little time achievable.

The Inman Aligner is a great option for correcting a slightly misaligned smile or as a one-off to compliment a cosmetic dental treatment plan. It is also a popular option for those whose teeth have relapsed after wearing braces.

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