Are you asking yourself: “Should I get dentures or implants?” If so, that means you have a mild to severe problem that affects your teeth. The appropriate treatment varies depending on the context of the issue. This article will help you understand when dentures and implants should be brought into the equation.

Do not jump ahead of yourself. A complete oral inspection is necessary before deciding which treatment is best for you. You must identify and eliminate the cause of your smile or bite-related issues. If not already done, please request a thorough examination by your dentist. 

Tip: Consider reading more about dental implants before diving deeper.


Dentures are removable plates that hold one tooth (or multiple) in proper alignment. You can remove them, which makes it easy to eat and sleep. Dentures are meant for people who have several missing teeth. Most dentures are made for patients with at least four missing teeth. While partial dentures exist, most people with one missing two will opt for a dental bridge or dental implant.

What Are the Benefits of Dentures? 

Dentures provide a quick, easy and relatively affordable solution to many missing teeth. This treatment gives people the ability to have a nice-looking smile. Dentures offer a confidence boost, but it goes much further than that. Many patients also report improvements in their speech and facial muscle control.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots that take the place of real ones. These implants provide a structural foundation for dental crowns. The roots are made with titanium metal which is a heavy-duty material. 

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What Are the Benefits of Dental Implants?

Dental Implants offer some appeal over dentures because of the aesthetic difference. While implants appear similar to real teeth, dentures have an artificial look to them. Implants are also the better choice for anyone that needs to wear their alignment device when they sleep. Unfortunately, you should not be wearing your dentures overnight. Lastly, implants do not move around during speech and eating, making them much more comfortable than dentures. 

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Factors to Consider when Choosing Between Dentures and Implants

Dentures and implants both hold value for their reasons. Dentures are becoming a less popular option in recent years. Most patients will avoid them if possible. Regardless, the right choice will come down to many factors such as age, bone density, appearance, affordability etc. 


Dental implants are meant to be permanent solutions for missing teeth. Bone development still occurs until you reach around 18 years of age. Only dentures are recommended for minors with missing teeth. Save implants for later in life, once the jaw finishes growing.

Bone Density

When a tooth has been removed, the surrounding bone density reduces in the subsequent years. If a patient is looking to replace this tooth many years after its extraction, there may not be enough bone or enough bone density to receive a dental implant in the area. In these cases, dentures are the best choice. If the patient has good bone quality and density in the area of the missing tooth – a dental implant is by far the best treatment option. By having a dental implant within 6 months of tooth extraction, we could preserve the initial bone level and bone density.


What will make your smile look better? Dentures are not as realistic. If you have the choice between both, sometimes the best smile wins. 


How does your device hold the alignment of your teeth? If the bite is corrected, how well will your teeth perform? Dentures pale in comparison to implants when it comes to improving chew strength.


Comfort when eating or sleeping with dentures is not possible. It takes a few years to adjust to the discomfort that comes with chewing hard foods while wearing dentures. Meanwhile, you will always have to take them out at night. You can keep the dental implants in your mouth and care for them like all your natural teeth. 


Dental care is easy with implants because they are just like natural teeth. Dentures are a bit of a pain since you are constantly removing and washing them. 


Dental hygiene makes a big difference in oral health care. Good results come from preventative measures like daily brushing, flossing and dental checkups. That said, some issues are irreversible without treatment and require your attention.

Our dentists always recommend professional advice before deciding what treatment is best for you.

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