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Finding a new dentist is a task few people look forward to. Suppose you’ve recently moved or are simply interested in reviewing the dental care service options available to you. In that case, you may find the task of researching a new or alternative dentist to be more complicated than you imagined.

Knowing what to look for in a new dentist will help you narrow your search and ultimately settle on a clinic with the features and amenities you want. Here are five crucial considerations when looking for a new dentist in Ballarat.

Do the Office Hours Fit Your Schedule?

Being able to schedule dental appointments at a time that is convenient for you is an important feature to have in a dental practice, then review their office hours carefully. If you have a busy work schedule and need evening or weekend appointments, be sure the dentist you’re considering has available hours at those times.

You may also wish to ensure weekend or after-hours appointments incur no additional fees, as some dentists may consider these “emergency” appointments and charge premium fees.

Is the Clinic Close to Your Home or Work?

Making sure your dentist has an office convenient to where you live or work is essential. If you can drop by on your way to or from work (or a school, if you have children), it will be much more convenient than traveling a long distance out of your way.

You will also want to ensure there is plenty of accessible parking or access to public transport f those are options you would be interested in.

Prioritise Dentists That Offer Comprehensive Dental Care

Being able to see one dentist for all of your oral healthcare needs is a considerable convenience and simplifies any non-routine treatment you may require. A dentist that offers comprehensive care will be able to take care of any issue you may experience without the need to refer you to other dental healthcare professionals at other locations. This not only simplifies your dental care but ensures that your dentist will be up to date with any issues or problems you may have experienced.

Experience Matters

A dentist with extensive experience is more likely to have dealt with common and uncommon dental health issues and will know how to treat them more effectively than a dentist just out of school. Experience also generally means greater diagnostic ability, a seasoned dentist will need less time to determine and treat the root cause of any problem you may experience with your teeth.

Consider All Your Financial Options

Claiming out of your private health insurance can be time-consuming and complicated, and many people look for dentists who may offer the service of filing your claim for you. Other dentists may offer payment plans for the deferred payment of dental procedures, which can make some cosmetic procedures more accessible.

Before settling on a dentist, review all the payment options and accommodations they may offer and compare these to other dentists you have researched.

Summary and Final Thoughts

Finding a new dentist doesn’t have to be challenging. Knowing what you’re looking for can help simplify your search considerably. Reviewing your options and determining what’s important to you can help you rule out dentists who may not offer the right mix of benefits and convenience.

Lastly, consider calling a dental practice you are interested in to ask questions that may be unrelated to your current oral health needs. Even a question as simple as “what are the steps for root canal treatment?” can provide insight into how the practice prioritises the care they provide.

If a staff member at a dental office can gracefully relay your question to the dentist — or better yet, explain root canal treatment steps in an easily understood way — that may indicate the value placed on patient inquiries and information.

You should always feel welcome when calling or conversing with your dentist, regardless of your question or immediate concern. Feeling comfortable ensures you’ll be more likely to keep regular appointments and talk with your dentist about any concerns you may have.


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