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Endodontics You Can Rely On

This dental treatment is arguably one of the most dreaded amongst many patients, but for no real reason. When done by an experienced dentist like ours at Dana Street Dental, root canal therapy is nothing to be afraid of. Thanks to modern anaesthetics and the way we administer it, most patients report no more difficulty or discomfort than having a simple dental filling. And for extra nervous patients, we offer sleep dentistry to help you receive the dental care you need.

If you have a severely decayed tooth where the infection has reached the nerve, a root canal treatment may be necessary. With root canal therapy, our dentists can restore the function and aesthetic of your tooth whilst ultimately preventing tooth loss. The procedure involves the cleaning, medicating and sealing of your tooth.

Don’t suffer in pain or run the risk of negatively impacting your oral health and general well-being by ignoring infection. Our team of experienced Ballarat dentists are here to help you. We prioritise patient comfort. So, we can ensure you’ll be as comfortable as possible at all times under our gentle and genuine care.

Symptoms Of Needing Root Canal Treatment

Your dentist will be able to accurately assess your need for root canal treatment. However, patients needing root canal often present with one or more of the following symptoms:
It’s important to note that some patients experience no symptoms. This highlights the importance of regular and ongoing dental check-ups. It’s essential to have your dentist monitor your oral health and detect potential issues early on.
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What Happens During a Root Canal?

Root canal treatment is a very detailed but routine process with a high success rate. After your dentist has made a diagnosis, you’ll be booked in for your treatment. The process may differ slightly from one patient to another based on their specific case. Here’s generally what you can expect a root canal treatment to look like:
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  1. Before your dentist begins treatment, the area will be numbed so you’ll feel little to no discomfort.
  2. Your dentist will place a rubber dam around your tooth to isolate it and keep it clean from saliva.
  3. Any bits of your tooth that are decayed and damaged will be carefully removed.
  4. Your tooth’s chamber will be thoroughly cleaned with an antibacterial solution.
  5. Your dentist will apply medication to prevent further infection.
  6. They will then seal your tooth with a dental filling to stop more bacteria from entering your tooth.
  7. Your treatment (may) finish with your dentist placing a dental crown to restore your tooth’s structure and aesthetic.
  8. You might experience some residual soreness and swelling in the initial 24 hours post root canal treatment. This is normal and nothing to be concerned about.

Preventing Root Canal

The good news is, needing a root canal is preventable. Here are a few tips from our Ballarat dentists on preventing the need for root canal treatment:

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