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A dental implant is an artificial replacement tooth root. Dental implants are usually made with titanium, which binds to the bone. They are replacements for natural teeth that may have been lost due to damage or trauma. Dental implants should last a lifetime, with only the crown needing to be replaced once every fifteen years or more. These five tips will ensure that your dental implant will last you for the years to come.

1. Follow Your Dentist’s Aftercare Instructions

Your dentist will equip you with advice about the proper care of your dental implants. It is necessary to strictly follow the aftercare instructions to promote the healing process and avoid complications such as a delayed healing period. Following these instructions are essential, especially during the first few days following the dental implant procedure.

Here are some common instructions that you may expect after leaving the dentist’s office:

  • Use a soft nylon brush to brush your teeth at least twice a day.
  • Gently clean and brush under and around the crown to remove food particles.
  • Floss daily.
  • Avoid eating hard candy and hard foods for at least two weeks.
  • Use interdental brushes for those hard-to-reach areas.
  • Avoid eating hot foods for at least two weeks.

2. Floss Daily

Part of good dental care and oral hygiene is regular brushing and flossing. When you first get dental implants, your dentist may place a temporary tooth while waiting for the implant to heal. Your dentist will replace this temporary tooth with a permanent crown. It is recommended to floss around this temporary tooth at least once a day to avoid the buildup of food particles around the area. However, you should be very careful when flossing around the implant. Flossing should not be uncomfortable and should not cause any pain. It can increase your risk of bleeding if you apply too much pressure. If you’re unsure of how to floss around the implant properly, your dentist can show you the proper technique to avoid trauma to the implant site.

3. Avoid Smoking and Drinking Alcohol

Smoking decreases blood flow to all body parts. This can result in a delayed healing process, among all other health concerns. Alcohol consumption has been shown to affect blood components essential in wound healing, such as macrophages in white blood cells. Macrophages are crucial to the immune response and are responsible for fighting off bacteria. A lower number of macrophages can increase your chances of developing an infection on the implant site. You should avoid alcohol and tobacco consumption within two weeks after your dental implants have been placed.

4. Avoid Abrasive Products

It is normal to feel pain around two to four hours after the procedure as the anesthesia wears off. This pain may persist for up to two weeks and may also be accompanied by swelling and bruising. Your dentist may prescribe over-the-counter analgesics and advise you to apply an ice bag to the affected area to reduce swelling. You should avoid abrasive dental products after your dental implant surgery and only use a soft-bristled toothbrush when brushing your teeth. Brushing your teeth gently and using mild dental products will promote healing and prevent additional discomfort in your mouth.

5. Visit Your Dentist Regularly

After you get your dental implants, you must schedule regular dental visits. Apart from routine cleanings, your dentist will also inspect and monitor the healing of your dental implants. Your dentist can also address any additional questions you may have about your implants and how you can take care of them. Scheduling a recurring appointment with your dentist/hygienist also plays a big part in spotting the early signs of tooth decay or gum disease.

Implants to Last a Lifetime

Adults typically have thirty-two permanent teeth. If you lose one because of tooth decay or trauma, dental implants will help restore your smile. Although dental implants should last you a lifetime, be inclined to maintain them so you don’t need to have costly dental crown replacements. 

If you require dental implants, make sure you entrust your smile only to the experts. Dana Street Dental can help get your smile back with permanent dental implants.

Contact Dana Street Dental today to get the smile you deserve.

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