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Everyone desires white teeth since they improve your appearance and boost your confidence. Teeth whitening can be done by a dentist using teeth whitening solutions that contain hydrogen peroxide. In recent years over-the-counter solutions like teeth whitening strips have become available and can also lighten the shades of your teeth.

Factors That Can Affect the Longevity of Teeth Whitening

After a teeth whitening treatment, several factors can affect the success of this procedure, as discussed below.

Type of Teeth Whitening Procedure

The type of teeth whitening procedure you use significantly affects the success of your teeth whitening procedure. 

Although home remedies and over-the-counter whitening treatments are less expensive, they only produce limited effects and for a limited time. For this reason, you need to consider professional teeth whitening. This procedure provides impressive results that can last for two or three years. Moreover, in-office teeth whitening allows your dentist to customize a treatment plan that suits your teeth for a better and more natural outcome.

Your Lifestyle

After a teeth whitening procedure, your daily routine determines how long the effects will last. After treatment, you need to avoid smoking tobacco since it may stain the whitened teeth surface. You should also avoid consuming highly pigmented and acidic foods such as oranges and tomatoes. Some have recommended drinking coffee and tea via a straw to reduce their effects on the colour of your teeth.

Additionally, you need to brush your teeth regularly with a suitable toothbrush and toothpaste. Toothpaste containing mild abrasives, such as dehydrated silica gels, phosphate salts, and calcium carbonate can help remove surface stains. Regularly visiting your dentist for professional teeth cleaning can also help you maintain teeth whitening effects for a long time.

Your Age 

Your tooth enamel gradually thins as you age, exposing the yellowish inner dentine. As a result, your teeth become yellower and more susceptible to staining.

Even if an older person goes for teeth whitening, the results may not be like those of a younger person. An older person may need two or three treatments to see substantial results. Moreover, teeth whitening effects may not last as long in older people. 

Things to Avoid After Teeth Whitening Treatment

You need to avoid several things after a teeth whitening treatment to make the effects last longer.

Limit Your Coffee, Wine, and Tea

After teeth whitening, your teeth’s enamel becomes porous. Porous teeth enamel easily absorbs colour from foods. Therefore, you need to avoid taking dark liquids like coffee, wine, and tea for 48 to 72 hours.

After that period elapses, you can take those drinks, but you need to limit the amount you consume. Additionally, you need to control the time those liquids come into contact with your teeth. You can easily do this by drinking the beverages quickly instead of sipping and letting them sit in your mouth. 

Avoid Tobacco Products

Your teeth contain pores, just like your skin. After teeth whitening, these pores become more exposed, making your teeth susceptible to staining.

The nicotine and tar will penetrate your teeth’s pores when you consume tobacco products, yellowing your teeth. Although nicotine is usually colourless, it turns yellow after reacting with oxygen.

Drink Water and Rinse Your Mouth

Drinking water regularly and thoroughly rinsing your mouth can help wash away dark-coloured drink remnants that may stain your teeth. Water can also help prevent plaque build-up, which may stain your teeth. 

Final Words

There are various teeth whitening solutions available nowadays. Although these teeth whitening procedures don’t guarantee white teeth forever, you should opt for long-lasting treatments and professional teeth whitening. 

Although this procedure may seem expensive, you’ll realize it’s the cheapest method in the long run. Do you have further questions about teeth whitening? Contact us today for more information.

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