Whether it is a dental phobia or a bad past experience that has created your dental anxiety – happy gas could just be the solution for you.

Happy gas, otherwise known as nitrous oxide is a safe and popular way of alleviating anxiety during dental treatment. It is easily administered through a nose piece, works quickly and has a very short recovery time meaning you can resume your normal life shortly after treatment. Nitrous oxide works just as well on a young child as on an adult – as long as you can breathe through your nose!

At Dana Street Dental, all of our dentists are highly trained and experienced in treating nervous patients. And we would often use happy gas as an adjunct to help our patients feel relaxed and ready for treatment. Dental treatment can indeed feel like a walk in the park. Just ask us how!

If you’re putting off dental treatment due to your fear of dentists, please give us a call to see if happy gas can be an option for you.

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