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Dental anxiety is very common. If dental appointments stress you out, you’re the rule, not the exception. But it is very important to keep up with your dental health even while safeguarding your mental health. 

So what can you do to address your fears?

Many people require support and reassurance. At Dana Street Dental, we offer several dental sedation options to keep you calm and pain-free during your dental treatment. If you are nervous about an upcoming visit or are having several procedures done at once, knowing you have sedation options can help ease your anxiety.

What is Dental Sedation?

Dental sedation is the use of medication to help anxious patients remain calm and relaxed during dental procedures. Even though it is sometimes referred to as sleep dentistry, patients are not unconscious during sedation dentistry unless they are receiving general anaesthesia.The level of sedation you need will depend on the individual patient and the procedure.

How Can Dental Sedation Help?

Dental sedation makes it possible for nervous patients to tolerate dental procedures in a calm, pain-free state. Dental sedation helps control your dental phobia so you can get the dental treatment you need. Here are your dental sedation options at Dana Street Dental. 

Happy Gas

Dental nitrous oxide, also known as happy gas, is a common choice for dental sedation thanks to its effectiveness and availability. Happy gas doesn’t knock you out but greatly reduces any fear or pain during your dental procedure. Once you inhale the happy gas, you will feel completely relaxed after about five minutes. 

Happy gas is a safe and effective option for dental sedation. Your dentist can perform your treatment effectively while you are in a calm state. Since it is so easy to administer and very safe, happy gas is a good sedation choice for children who require dental treatment.

Using happy gas also increases the effectiveness and ease of administering local anesthetic injection. A topical numbing cream is always used prior to your dentist administering the anesthetic solution, so you could be rest assured this is a pain-free experience.  After sedation with happy gas, it can take several minutes before you feel fully alert and back to normal. Children tend to tolerate the effects of laughing gas better than adults.  

IV Sedation (Twilight Sedation)

With IV sedation (sometimes referred to as twilight sedation), an accredited dental sedationist will administer a sedative whilst your dentist carries out the treatment required. The effects of dental IV sedation take effect almost immediately.

You are still awake under IV sedation, but everything will have a dream-like quality to it. When you have fully emerged from sedation, you will have no recognition of the time you were under anesthesia. 

If you opt for twilight sedation, you will need a friend or family member to drive you home and stay with you while you are recovering from your dental treatment.

General Anaesthesia

For some dental  procedures, it is often recommended to have them in the hospital under general anesthesia. For example, wisdom teeth that need surgical removal, multiple dental implant placements, complicated dental treatments needed by a young child.  General anesthesia provides unconscious sedation, so you will be asleep throughout the procedure. Recovery from this type of anesthesia generally takes longer than conscious sedation. Like IV sedation, you will need someone to accompany you to your appointment, drive you home, and remain with you until you fully recover from the effects of general anesthesia.

What Dental Sedation is Suitable For You?

It is important to note that dental sedation options are not appropriate across the board. A clear picture of your overall health is important to safely undergo certain methods of sedation. Your dentist will require your complete medical history before any procedure.

Are You a Candidate for Dental Sedation?

The answer will depend on your health status. For example, some conditions may require medical clearance from a doctor beforehand. These conditions include heart disease, high blood pressure, respiratory ailments, and diabetes. 

Dental Sedation at Dana Street Dental

There is no need for you to dread your next dental treatment. In most cases, there is a dental sedation option that will work for you. 

Your safety and peace of mind always come first at Dana Street Dental. Our expert dentists will help you choose the best dental sedation option to ease your anxiety. Please get in touch with us for further information or to book an appointment. We look forward to hearing from you!

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