The hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy can affect your teeth, gums and general health of the oral cavity. The two most common changes that can happen during pregnancy are bleeding gums (‘pregnancy gingivitis’) and the effects of morning sickness.

Pregnancy gingivitis occurs due to the gums heightened reaction to plaque leading to them bleeding easily when brushing or flossing. This condition is temporary, but if left unmanaged can result in pain, discomfort and damage to the tissues that hold our teeth in place.

Morning sickness can also affect the health of your teeth as the acid in vomit can damage the enamel. There are some important recommendations to follow after a vomiting episode that will reduce the damage on teeth, including not brushing until at least 1hr after vomiting.

Due to these potential affects on your oral health during pregnancy, it’s important to continue to visit the dentist to check your teeth and gums.

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