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While sleep dentistry is rising in popularity, many myths float around that may scare or worry patients. So, some people may hesitate to seek sleep dentistry services.

Despite sleep dentistry myths, sleep dentistry is effective in helping patients relax and feel more comfortable during dental procedures. For patients with anxiety or fear of dental treatments, sleep dentistry is the perfect option. If you’re considering sleep dentistry services, keep reading as we debunk these common sleep dentistry myths.

Myth: There’s Only One Type of Sedation

One of the most common sleep dentistry myths states that only one type of sedation is used during dental procedures. This could not be farther from the truth. In fact, sleep dentistry offers patients numerous sedative options depending on their preferences. While anesthesia is the most commonly known type of sedation, there are many more.

Dana Street Dental offers clients several types of sedation options, which include happy gas, IV sedation (twilight sedation), and general anesthesia. Our dental team can help you determine the best type of sedation for your needs. Furthermore, we help provide patients with the necessary education to make the best choice for their individual preferences.

Myth: Dental Sedation Is Not Safe for Children

Believe it or not, sedation used in dentistry is not just for adults. In certain situations, sedation dentistry can help children relax for necessary procedures. In many scenarios, light sedation dentistry offers the perfect amount of relaxation for children during dental procedures. The process can help relieve anxiety and stress for both parents and children. Furthermore, the process of dental sedation can make it easier for dental staff to do their job without resistance from pediatric patients.

While not all children are candidates for sleep sedation, some may benefit greatly. This is especially true for children with certain developmental disabilities or other medical conditions. A trusted dental provider at Dana Street Dental can help assess your child’s eligibility for sleep sedation procedures.

Myth: Sleep Dentistry Can Help Only in Case of Painful Procedures

Perhaps one of the most common sleep dentistry myths is that it is only used for painful procedures. While sedatives are helpful in these scenarios, they’re also used for various other reasons. For example, many patients with certain health conditions benefit from sedation dentistry. Whether you have dental anxiety or disorders that cause involuntary body movements, there are so many reasons beyond managing pain that sleep dentistry is an effective option for some patients.

Myth: Sleep Dentistry Is Unsafe

Some people believe a common myth that sleep dentistry is not safe. While all dental procedures come with some amount of risk, your dentist will weigh the risks versus the benefits the procedure can offer. An experienced dental team can mitigate the risks.

At Dana Street Dental, we prioritise the health and safety of our patients, always. We use safe medications for sleep dentistry procedures that do not cause harmful side effects.

Should you have any questions about the safety of any sedation medication, our team will be happy to answer your questions and address your concerns. Don’t let the fear of safety prevent you from inquiring about dental sedation that can offer you great benefits.

Myth: Dental Sedation Works for Anyone

While sleep dentistry offers many benefits for people of all ages, this does not mean that everyone is a good candidate for dental sedation. At Dana Street Dental, we assess each patient’s needs and medical history through a unique lens. With this in mind, we’re able to assess whether a person is a good candidate for dental sedation. Individuals with certain medical conditions or pregnant women may not be eligible for sleep dentistry procedures.

Sleep Dentistry Can Help

Don’t let these common sleep dentistry myths stand in the way! Sleep dentistry offers flexible options for patients with dental anxiety or those who have increased pain perception.

Not sure if sleep dentistry is for you? Reach out to us today at Dana Street Dental to book an appointment. Our professional dental team will be happy to help you decide if sleep dentistry is the right decision for you.

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