There has been arguably no better footy player in the last 10 years than the great Swan, Lance ‘Buddy’ Franklin. He is a true giant among men when it comes to football- skilful, strong and supremely athletic. But, even Buddy is not immune from accidental footy knocks, like the incident in 2009 when his front tooth was completely knocked out during a marking contest.

Accidents like these are 100% preventable with a professionally made sports mouthguard. They look great, are custom fitted and relatively inexpensive compared to the potential consequences of trauma sustained to front teeth. Treatment for these teeth can be long, painful and expensive, and involve procedures such as root canal therapy or even implants.

At Dana Street Dental, we feel passionate about preventing injuries to teeth during sport. This is a big reason why we have supported local teams including the Ballarat Miners and Rush, Ballarat City FC and the Sebastopol Football Netball Club in helping these players with their mouthguard needs.

Do you play competitive sports and don’t have a mouthguard? Now’s the time to get onto it! For more information or an appointment, call our friendly team on 53316117!

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