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Are you looking for the best cosmetic dental procedures to help you with chipped or mishaped teeth? When it comes to these cosmetic dental issues, getting dental veneers is one of the best options. It’s one of the most noninvasive and quickest procedures under cosmetic dentistry that can correct most of your cosmetic and structural dental issues. It has recently gained widespread popularity in Ballarat because of how natural veneers look and feel alongside your natural teeth.

If you want to make the most out of your porcelain veneers, selecting the right veneers for your face shape is best. With endless combinations to choose from, working with the best professional cosmetic dentist can also make the entire process more straightforward. Here at Dana Street Dental, we’ll walk you through the top three things you need to consider to find the best veneers that suit your facial structure.

How To Choose The Right Veneers According to My Face Shape

When choosing the right dental veneers for face shape, you must first determine what shape your face actually is. Generally, your face could belong in any of these four categories: round, oval, square, and heart.

Selecting the best veneers that match your features helps you achieve two things. First, your veneers can complement your facial features with suitable teeth shape and size. Second, your veneers help give you the most radiant smile because they can enhance your overall appearance. 

What to Consider When Getting Veneers

When choosing the best veneers for face shape, you must also consider the material used as well as your natural teeth alignment. Here are the top three things you must consider before setting your appointment with your cosmetic dentist.

Tooth Colour

Your natural tooth colour is critical in determining veneer choice. If your chosen shade is significantly lighter than your current teeth colour, we may recommend a course of teeth whitening prior to placing dental veneers. 

Tooth Shape

Your dentist will recommend the tooth shape you will wear based on the natural size and shape of your teeth. To find the best veneers for face shape, you may review the following tooth shape reference as a guide:

  • The mature style has slightly rounded canines, while most teeth are square-shaped.
  • The enhanced style has moderately rounded teeth.
  • The softened style shows overall rounded teeth with a discrete curvature.
  • The Hollywood style has moderately shorter side incisors and overall square-shaped teeth.
  • The functional style is the best for your teeth’s optimal function. It has pointed canines and an overall slightly rounded shape of teeth.
  • The natural style shows very pointed canines with moderately rounded shaped teeth.
  • The youthful style has longer canines and overall round shape teeth.
  • The oval style shows rounded incisors and canines and generally rounded teeth.

Face Shapes

Here are some basic principles that the right cosmetic dentist will follow when choosing the best porcelain veneers for face shape:

  • Longer and more prominent veneers are perfect for round-shaped faces because they may slim your face.
  • Square teeth are more suitable for oval-shaped faces because it helps widen your face and add fullness.
  • Slightly Rounded teeth work best for square-shaped faces because they can soften your defined jaw lines and other strongly defined features.
  • Shorter and rounded veneers look best for heart-shaped faces as this helps to complement the symmetrical look of your face.

What to Do After You Get Veneers

After getting the right veneers for your face shape, you’ll need to follow your cosmetic dentist’s recommendations. Your dentist will cement the veneers using a permanent adhesive. Remember, you’re not allowed to eat for at least 1-1.5 hours. This gives your veneers the time to set properly. Take note of the following veneers aftercare to maintain your overall dental health:

  • You may need a few days of adjustment. If you’re still uncomfortable with your veneers after a few days, consult your dentist.
  • Avoid chewing on or biting hard objects because your veneers could break or chip under extreme pressure.
  • Maintain your oral health by brushing and flossing regularly because you may still get cavities even when you have veneers.

Partner with the Best Cosmetic Dentist for the Right Veneers for Your Face

Partnering with the best professional cosmetic dentists is a vital step when choosing the perfect veneers for your face shape. Dana Street Dental’s team of experienced dentists can help you achieve your most radiant smile in no time. On top of carefully examining the suitable teeth shape and colour for your face, we’ll ensure that your veneers look and feel exactly how you envisioned them. 

Book an appointment with us so we can help you choose the best veneers for you.

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