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Our clinic regularly receives filling requests, with the most common dental filling types being composite resin and ceramic. Patients receive fillings for a variety of reasons such as eliminating decay, enhancing their smile, improving the durability of their teeth, reducing bite misalignment, and maximising chewing function. The exact reason for getting a filling will vary depending on the person, but avoiding a necessary filling could have dire consequences. 

Improved Tooth Functionality

The types of dental fillings that we use are strong and durable. The bonding process results in stronger teeth. Your fillings could cover the weakened parts of the tooth. With proper maintenance and one-time replacements, fillings can help preserve decaying teeth. The filling secures the tooth and contributes toward a stronger bite.

Tooth Fillings Can Prevent Infection

Cavities pose the threat of turning into serious infections. The tooth, gums, and pulp are all at direct risk. The decaying process is avoidable with the help of dental fillings. By removing the decayed tooth material and protecting the weakened areas, you will have less chance of developing an abscess in the oral cavity. 

Remember that infections are sometimes dormant and undetectable. A visit to the dentist and a few x-rays will set your mind at ease. If you have an infection, you will need a root canal treatment and possibly antibiotics to clear the infected pulpal material.

Cavities of All Shapes and Sizes Require Prompt Dental Fillings

Cavities are the leading cause of broken teeth. When you detect one, it is essential to investigate the damage further and find a fix. Dentists work on cavities of all shapes and sizes, but sometimes the tooth is beyond repair and must be extracted. Quality dental filling types carry a high success rate in restoring optimal tooth health.  

Dental Fillings Can Help After the Gradual Loss of Tooth Structure

Tooth structure can change over time. Dental fillings work around these weaknesses. The extra support safeguards the weak points in your bite from affecting the integrity of your teeth. Crowding, chipping, and fracturing become less of a concern. 

Dental Fillings for Discoloured Teeth

Tooth discolouration is another reason why patients come in for a filling procedure. Numerous enamel conditions can cause discolouration of the teeth. Protecting the enamel with a quality filling will mask the underlying discolouration and can prevent further damage to the tooth. During childhood, trauma to the teeth can impact the teeth’s development, and health of the dental pulp and often leads to discolouration. Dental fillings provide a seal between the damaged tooth and the external environment preventing decay and further disintegration of the tooth structure. 

A Fractured Tooth Might Require a Dental Filling

A tooth fracture that runs to the gum line can seriously compromise the health of the tooth. Tooth fractures require careful testing to determine the best treatment option. In mild to moderate cases, the tooth may be repaired with a filling, In severe cases, a root canal treatment may be required to remove the inflamed/infected nerve tissue inside the tooth, prior to restoring the missing areas.

Even Small Holes In Teeth Can Benefit from Dental Fillings

Small holes can cause progressive damage to teeth. Not only do small decays progress to larger cavities – the lack of ability to cleanse the area could lead to gum disease. There is a high risk of food trapping in these holes and changing the bacteria in your mouth. Accelerated decay can be avoided with a timely visit to your dentist.

Fillings Are Strong and Practical

At Dana Street Dental, we are here for your restorative dental needs. Dental fillings are a practical treatment for tooth decay, discolouration, fractured teeth, and cosmetic improvements to your smile. When carried out in a timely manner, this treatment can save you from needing more complicated dental procedures down the road.

Schedule an appointment to discuss the types of fillings that we offer. 

An appointment for a filling is quick, painless, and can transform your confidence. You will leave our clinic knowing that your smile is fuller and your bite is stronger.

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